Taut Wire Intrusion Detection Systems

An international airport was in need of an advanced perimeter security solution, and with the help of Safeguards Technology – their needs were met. Six miles of our Taut Wire Intrusion Detection System was installed at the airport’s perimeter, providing a formidable barrier with intrusion detection capabilities. In addition to the Taut Wire Intrusion Detection System, a wall map of the perimeter fence complete with active LED zone alerts was installed. Tablet PCs were installed in the security vehicles that circle the airport. The PCs drastically reduced security personnel’s response time to alarms – making apprehension of an intruder much more feasible.

To protect against shutdown of the system due to computer failure, Safeguards installed a hot backup to the Perimeter Control Center which would automatically switch on and take over command of the system, ensuring an always-active and “smart” perimeter intrusion detection system. Safeguards Technology has delivered complex perimeter security system solutions to commercial international aviation facilities as well as products and solutions to smaller General Aviation and Fixed Base Operator’s (FBO) in need of securing their facilities and/or controlling access to their property to insure the safety and security of their customer’s assets while simultaneously providing for the national security of the country.