Security Delay Barrier Fencing System

A northeastern U.S. public service utility was facing closure of its nuclear generating stations if it did not meet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s new stricter security measures. Having seen the effectiveness of Safeguards Technology’s barrier system implemented at existing nuclear site projects, Safeguards Technology was awarded a sole source contract to design and install 9,000 linear feet of a high-tech perimeter security and delay system robust enough to meet the NRC’s specifications.

Safeguards Technology designed a delay barrier system that combined the intrusion detection capabilities of fence vibration sensor systems and fiber optic detection technology, with rigid, robust anti-climbing welded mesh fencing and Welded Razor Mesh® fencing. Within four months, these nuclear generating stations were furnished with a delay barrier fencing system that passed force-on-force evaluations with more than favorable results. This led to a successful renewal of the sites’ operating permits.