Perimeter Security Solutions – Hackensack, NJ
The Bergen County New Jersey Sheriff’s Department contracted Safeguards Technology LLC to design, build and install an advanced maximum security perimeter intrusion detection system with a security delay barrier at the Bergen County Justice Center in Hackensack, New Jersey.  The Safeguards Technology design included a Taut-Wire intrusion detection system around the perimeter of the facility. This urban facility required custom rooftop Taut-Wire zones where the buildings were located in extremely close proximity or formed a part of the perimeter.

This primary system was supported with other technologies including the Absolute IR/MW Dual Technology Intrusion Detection System which utilizes both Infrared and Microwave technologies to ensure a high probability of detection with a low false alarm rate.

The facility was equipped with Perimeter Control Centers (PCC) secured with hot backups. The PCC was designed to identify the exact zone when an alarm is triggered. Bergen County remains impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the system and continues to contract with Safeguards for modifications to support the justice centers operating requirements.