Security Delay Barrier Fencing System

Soon after the terrorist attacks of 2001, America saw the need for making substantial improvements to the security of the nation's vulnerable infrastructure. Immediate security upgrades were put into place at the nation's nuclear generating stations. These same plants were required to meet still stricter regulations enforced by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Design Basis Threat. That order called for mandatory compliance." A key nuclear operator in the United States then presented this challenge to Safeguards Technology: Design a barrier configuration tough enough to meet the NRC's standards and install the system within the deadline. The barrier fence system Safeguards designed is configured to detect intrusions using multiple security devices, including fence vibration sensors, fiber optic detection cable, and infrared/ microwave dual technology systems. Formidable barriers were created using both welded mesh anti-climb fencing and high-density Welded Razor Mesh® fencing. All of the sites operated by this corporation have since passed the NRC's force-on-force evaluations.