Intelligent Video Analytics System

Safeguards Technology has provided proven solutions to a variety of maritime security applications. Safeguards and our security partners will continue to work together to improve the existing baseline of maritime security planning efforts. An Atlantic Coast Port Corporation has awarded Safeguards Technology contracts to make two of their port locations more secure by implementing a security upgrade of which included an intelligent video analytics system dependable enough to maintain a high probability of detection during even difficult outdoor conditions. In addition to shifting weather conditions, the naturally occurring movement of sea water would cause a problem for typical motion detection systems. An Intelligent Video Analytics System (IVAS) was selected for its intelligent, 3-D image analysis, reliability, and speedy setup. The system was installed at the sea ports with both wired and wireless monitoring, along with a Security Access Control Portal equipped with Card Readers. The IVAS learned and adjusted to weather conditions at the port, and has reduced false alarms to an acceptable minimum.