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In today’s world of growing inmate populations, it has never been more important to ensure that each facility selects and maintains the most suitable and effective perimeter security solution. Unique circumstances and specific needs of each facility must be addressed in order to provide the facility with the security it requires. Ensuring flawless design, engineering, and installation of a perimeter security system are all a part of our commitment to security and dedication to our customers.

Over the past 25 years, Safeguards Technology has provided security solutions to over 90 correctional facilities belonging to the federal government, state governments, and municipalities. Our solutions have included turnkey
installations where the concepts of “deter, detect, and delay” have been strategically addressed using the most advanced intrusion detection technology and physical delay systems.

Federal and State

Perimeter Security Solutions

State & federal corrections facilities in the United States have consistently relied on Safeguards Technology to furnish and install turnkey taut wire perimeter security solutions at their maximum security facilities throughout the state. Our systems have not only ensured the facilities are among the most secure in the nation, but brought long term cost savings by reducing the need for additional manpower to secure the perimeter. The reliability of Safeguards’ solutions allows the security personnel to use the perimeter systems as trusted allies in the fight to keep their facilities secure. Once installed, Safeguards has worked with the state to train personnel, and provide support quickly and efficiently. Our staff of skilled technicians provides yearly maintenance so that together with the State, we can ensure maximum system lifetime and the highest system reliability. 

Municipal and Special Use

Perimeter Security Solutions – Hackensack, NJ

The Bergen County New Jersey Sheriff’s Department contracted Safeguards Technology LLC to design, build and install an advanced maximum security perimeter intrusion detection system with a security delay barrier at the Bergen County Justice Center in Hackensack, New Jersey.  The Safeguards Technology design included a Taut-Wire intrusion detection system around the perimeter of the facility. This urban facility required custom rooftop Taut-Wire zones where the buildings were located in extremely close proximity or formed a part of the perimeter.

This primary system was supported with other technologies including the Absolute IR/MW Dual Technology Intrusion Detection System which utilizes both Infrared and Microwave technologies to ensure a high probability of detection with a low false alarm rate.

The facility was equipped with Perimeter Control Centers (PCC) secured with hot backups. The PCC was designed to identify the exact zone when an alarm is triggered. Bergen County remains impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the system and continues to contract with Safeguards for modifications to support the justice centers operating requirements.

Maximum Security

Perimeter Security Solutions

Maximum Security Correctional Facilities need to do exactly what their title states: provide maximum security. With that in mind, Safeguards Technology has designed, furnished and installed high-end maximum security perimeter intrusion detection systems and security delay systems for such maximum security facilities within the United States.

Safeguards Technology’s design includes the Taut-Wire Intrusion Detection System along with Roving Alarm Notification Systems as they have proven to drastically increase response time to alarms. These state-of-the-art systems are equipped with Perimeter Control Centers (PCC), secured with hot backups, and integrated with existing cameras already installed on site. The PCC was designed to pull up each individual camera when an alarm is triggered.