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Secure Barrier - ClearVu® Security Fence

Safeguards Technology’s ClearVu™ Security Fence has been engineered as a security barrier which disappears into its surroundings. It is an ideal solution to protect your critical assets, without distracting from the existing environment.

Our newest and most innovative fence provides a high level of security, while allowing for unobstructed views of the environment inside the perimeter. With a large variety of coatings to choose from, the ClearVu™ Security Fence can be colored to match your environment. This barrier is a visually pleasing and cost-efficient alternative to traditional fencing.

Futures and Benefits

* Anti-climb/Anti-cut: Apertures too narrow for foothold and bolt cutters
* Vandal Proof: All fixtures are bolted to the inside of the fence
* Highly Transparent: From a distance, horizontal wire rods virtually disappear
* Rigidity: Reinforced ribs make heavy support barriers redundant
* Flush Finish: System provides a flush panel post finish
* Polymeric Coating: 4 Standard finish colors (custom also available)


ClearVu® Security Fence is the ideal solution for any property perimeter where visual aesthetics are important in retaining a less intimidating appearance while still maintaining a high level of security.


Post options [fitted w/end caps + 250mm, 30x3mm angle]

* Taper: 1¼-3½ in./3 in. depth (85-45mm/85mm depth)
* Mesh: 3-6 in./6 in. depth (75- 50mm/150mm depth)

Panel Heights: [4mm - high tensile wire/8-gauge]

* from 6 to 10 ft.

Panel Width: 7 ft.

Aperture Size: 3 x 5 in. (76.2 x 12.7mm)

Foundation: 20in. deep x 16 in. sq./15Mpa concrete 

(500mm deep x 400mm sq./15Mpa concrete)

Coating Options:

* Line galvanized (standard)
* Line galvanized w/alu-galv coating (corrosion resistant)
* Line galvanized w/deep etch primer & epoxy enamel
* Line galvanized w/polymeric 8k coating (corrosion proof)

Topping Options:

* Razor mesh panels

* Razor wire coils

* Shark-tooth spikes