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Secure Barrier - Specialty Bollards

Safeguards offers lighted, camera, utility and custom-designed Bollards amongst the selection of Specialty Bollards available to suit any and all of your site security needs. All of our Specialty Bollards are manufactured with skill and experience for any application.

Futures and Benefits

* Unmatched ease of installation
* Substantial cost saving over traditional bollards
* Maximum flexibility to meet a wide variety of applications
* Hardens a facility without making it look like a fortress
* Does not disturb underground utilities
* Dramatically reduced installation time


The Shallow Mount Bollard system can easily be adapted to any facility or area that requires a formidable, visual, psychological and physical barrier.


* Only 6 - 14 inches of excavation depth required
* Uses 75% less concrete compared with traditional bollards
* Pre-engineered modular solution
* Multiple covers to choose from
* Can integrate unique architectural elements
* Removable bollards also available