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Secure Detect - Absolute IR/MW

Dual Technology System

Safeguard’s Absolute IR/MW Dual Technology Intrusion Detection System utilizes both Infrared and Microwave technologies working together and enclosed inside an extruded aluminum column.

The system provides for maximum reliability of intruder detection with minimum false alarms. Absolute columns can be custom designed to any height and component array suiting each security situation.

Features and Benefits

The microwave and active infrared signals are received and processed individually. The activation of the alarm signal comes as a result of precise synchronizations and sophisticated coordination between the two technologies.

Microwave is the signal that functions as the “activator” because it is usually activated first. Its detection capacity is determined by a Fresnel zone that can be regulated with its own trimmer, up to 19 feet in diameter.

Infrared sensors are incorporated inside each column. Each set of beams has its own receiver and transmitter which form a quad multiplexed beam-per-sensor offering the added advantage of greater area protection over traditional single beam devices.

Absolute columns may be equipped with two built-in CCTV cameras, one of which is equipped with a 16 mm lens (wide angle) and one with a 50 mm lens (telescopic viewing).


Ideal applications for the Absolute Intrusion Detection System include the protection of industrial, commercial, correctional, or highly sensitive business and land areas in which a high degree of perimeter security is required. The system is also ideal for rooftops, sally ports, hatches and door locations. The combination of infrared and microwave technologies allows maximum perimeter
protection with coverage of up to 650 feet between transmitter and receiver columns.


* Power Requirement: 12.5 VDC, 24VAC
(Optional 110 V w/heater for extreme cold climates)
* Maximum Coverage: 650 ft.
* Optics: 6 Fresnel lenses (42 mm)
* Wavelength: 940 nm
* Max. number of beams: 6
* Sampling time: 80- 720 mS (master) 40 - 80 mS (slave)
* Color: Black, with front-mounted black plexiglass panel
* Construction: extruded aluminum
* Dimensions: width 10.2”; depth 5.7”; standard height 8’ 3”
* Units can be custom ordered to any height