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Secure Detect - AquaShield™

Designed with a single purpose in mind – superior performance – the AquaShield™ is the most advanced and capable underwater site security system available.

The design concept of it’s operation is to defeat the combat doctrine of underwater asymmetric threats such as naval commandos and terrorist frogmen. AquaShield™ is a fifth generation Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) system, incorporating years of experience accumulated from continuous operation at multiple sites around the world. The system is currently operational in-the-water, protecting naval bases, energy terminals, commercial ports and other high value assets from underwater intrusion. It’s unique modular design enables tailoring of the system to customer requirements and site specific geography. The AquaShield™ offers a very long range of detection for even the weakest of targets, and can easily handle over 1,000 targets simultaneously. The combination of a fully automatic mode of operation, very low maintenance requirements and high system reliability create a highly cost-effective system.

Features and Benefits

• Up to 3,000 meters diameter of detection coverage
• Provides sufficient time for response
• Tailored to detect threats of any size and target strength
• Can handle more than 1,000 targets simultaneously
• Enables the investigation of targets using a special zoom display
• Fully automatic – No operator required
• Highly accurate positioning of threat
• Rapid update rate of tactical picture
• Real-time data communication with response team
• Operates around the clock, in all climatic and water conditions
• Can withstand an explosion of up to 0.2kg TNT at a distance of only 5 meters
• Sensors available in different coverage configurations: 120°, 240°, 360°
• The only system with two versions to support customers’ maintenance concept:
- Sea Bed Installation version with built-in underwater electronics
- Pier Installation version with above water electronic cabinet
• Multiple units can work simultaneously and report to the same Command & Display unit
• Ease of integration: Open software architecture supports easy integration with any sensor
• User-friendly, Windows-based software with intuitive displays and menus
• Proven high reliability – systems operating in the water for years with zero malfunctions
• Low cost of ownership – Very little maintenance required


The AquaShield™ DDS was developed by a team of multi-disciplinary experts including acoustic and signal processing engineers, naval architects, security experts and naval commandos.

This unique think tank designed the system based on relevant threats and realistic operational scenarios. They took into account the challenges associated with weak target detection in shallow waters, heavy vessel traffic and poor bathythermic conditions. They concluded that in order to enable both detection of and response to the threat, the system must be built to allow maximum performance. The result is the AquaShield™ DDS - a bigger, more powerful and robust system.


Underwater Front-end Electronic unit (UFE)
• 1 Transmit Array (Tx) with 360° coverage
• 1–3 Receive Arrays (Rx) 

Depending on the required coverage as follows...
1 Rx array for coverage of 120°
2 Rx arrays for coverage of 240°
3 Rx arrays for coverage of 360°

Recording & Playback
• Several modes of data recording and playback enable debriefing of special events

Display Formats
• Sonar Data with Overlay
• Tactical Picture :
- Aerial photos- Satellite Images- Nautical Charts

Built In Test (BIT)
• Constant monitoring of all modules
• Automatic alert in case of failure

Normal Detection Ranges
• Diver with open circuit 1,000m breathing apparatus
• Diver with closed circuit 700m breathing apparatus
• Swimmer Delivery Vehicle [SDV] 1,500m

Special Processing Algorithms
• Performance Optimization
• Coherent and Energy Detection
• Bearing Interpolation
• CFAR Processing
• Two Dimensional Normalization
• Adaptive Threshold
• Automatic Detection, Tracking & Classification
• False Alarm reduction
• Elimination of Wakes
• Static Target Suppression

Transmit/Receive Parameters
• Source Level: 220 dB re 1μPa @ 1 meter
• Center Frequency: 60 KHz
• Transmission Modes: CW and LFM
• Pulse Width: 1- 40 ms
• Range Accuracy: Better than 0.5 meter
• Bearing Accuracy: 0.1°
• Transmit Array: 40 cm, 32 staves
• Receive Array X 3: 125 cm, 288 staves
• Horizontal Beam Width: 1.1°
• Vertical Beam Width: 3° - 10° [automatic & manual]
• Interface & Integration: LAN, TCP/IP
• Integration: with any control room system