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Secure Detect - ATS-3000 Taut Wire

The ATS -3000 Taut Wire Intrusion Detection System is the leading perimeter protection solution currently available.

Taut wire is applied to a wire fence in various configurations. The horizontal taut wires are fixed to the sensors that are mounted in a sensor post in the center of the zone. The sensors are high-voltage insulated. Sensor management and environmental compensation is managed by individual microprocessors.

When the taut wires are deflected, the corresponding sensors will be mechanically deflected, resulting in a change in electrical potential. The change in electrical potential is transferred to the algorithm processing system. The system will signal an alarm condition if the change exceeds preset detection limits.

Features and Benefits

* Integrity of alarms and information
* Each sensor post controls zones up to 320 feet
* Minimal maintenance
* Ease of operation
* Environmental adaptability
* Ability to integrate with third-party security management equipment
* Offers terrain-following sensing capabilities due to the design of the insulation and intermediate (slider) posts
* Can monitor up to 63 taut wires per sector
* Dummy taut wire arrangements can also be facilitated
* The detection sensitivity is normally set to between 50mm and 75mm wire deflection
* Sensors can be adjusted from a control room
* Taut wire can even sense wire deflection around corners.
* Can be used in conjunction with short circuit and non-lethal technology on the same fence


The ATS-3000 Taut Wire Intrusion Detection System is a state-of-the art development in perimeter intrusion detection. It combines a physically deterrent barrier and a sophisticated detection system to offer one of the most effective ways to provide perimeter security of the highest integrity. Taut Wire fencing is the ideal solution for any facility perimeter where an aggressive visual deterrent and physical barrier is required.


The Taut wire sensor is a unique self-contained sensor with integral microprocessor. The sensor is able to detect extremely small changes in wire tension and is controlled by a microprocessor. The sensor has the following attributes:

* Hermetically sealed
* UV Resistant
* Electrically insulated
* Operate in exposed environmental conditions