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Secure Detect - DualSense

The DualSense® sensor measures the kinetic energy released within a structure when it is disturbed and signals an alarm event when certain parameters are exceeded.

This sensor can be used either as a stand-alone warning device or as part of a larger system when networked through a custom designed control unit.

Features and Benefits

* Uses pre-programmed behavioral profiles to discriminate between alarm and non-alarm events.
* Focuses on alarm events and minimizes non-alarm events.
* Can be used as a stand-alone sensor or can be daisychained in multiple sensor applications by means of splitters.
* Provides a potential-free relay contact that opens when an alarm event is detected (normally closed).
* Each sensor can be uniquely identified by means of a sensor address. Important for multiple sensor
* Pre-programming of behavioral profiles carried out from a normal PC using a terminal program such as Hyper Terminal.
* The pre-programmed parameters are sensor address, tilt (TL), dynamic (DN) and event time thresholds (i.e. the length of an event for it to be labeled as a single event).
* Built-in tilt sensing to protect the sensor against movement


Easy to install and use. Designed for integration into existing systems.


* Power supply voltage: 10 – 24 VDC
* Power supply current:

    5mA max (Relay output disabled)

    15mA max (Relay output enabled)
* Relay output type: Potential free, normally closed
* Relay output rating: I <1A, V <48 VAC/DC, I x V <15 Watt Load
* Physical dimensions: 98 L x 32 W x 19 H (mm)
* Weight: 86 grams
* Operating temperature: -20 (Min) to +70 (Max) Deg. Celsius
* Operating humidity: 5% to 90% (non condensing)