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Secure Detect - FiberDefense™

Safeguards Technology’s FiberDefense™ Fiber-optic Intrusion Detection System is now available for any facility that strives to improve perimeter security and to provide continuous, 24-hour monitoring for the protection of lives and property.

FiberDefense™ incorporates the latest, most advanced 
fiber-optic technology into intrusion detection. The system works by sensing disturbances along a perimeter with a high-sensitivity fiber optic cable coupled with a high-speed processor that will alert potential intrusions while minimizing false and nuisance alarms.


Features and Benefits

* Simple to install and maintain; a single rugged fiber optic cable serves as both the sensor and the telemetry path.
* The fiber optic cable is rodent, weather, tamper, and crush resistant.
* System automatically adapts to any environment, from freezing arctic temperatures to the desert sun, and can detect through wind, rain, ice, or snow.
* Fiber optic cable is unaffected by EMI due to electrical storms, nearby power lines, electrical equipment, radio transmissions, or any magnetic anomalies.
* Fiber optic cable is lightweight, yet very strong and durable. A one mile segment weighs only about 40 pounds, and has a breaking strength in excess of 350 pounds.
* A one mile cable can include up to 200 sensing zones, and the sensitivity range for each zone is independently adjustable from the operator console.
* No special fencing is required; may be installed on existing fencing with minimal mounting hardware.
* System requires no calibration; simply plug in the all-optical sensor cable and the system configures and calibrates itself.
* A continuous built-in monitoring process guarantees the highest accuracy without the need for periodic calibration.


The FiberDefense™ Intrusion Detection System is ideal for factories, energy plants & substations, business parks, water reservoirs& treatment grounds, airports, storage areas, military facilities, cell phone towers, harbors, and anywhere perimeter security is required.


* Minimum Detectable Disturbance: 2 μstrain
* Dynamic Range: 80 dB
* Acoustic Bandwidth: 10 kHz
* System Update Rate: 100 Hz
* Max. Individual Sensor Cable Length: 1 mi.
* Output Interface: RS232/422/USB
* Power Requirements: 12 Vdc/10 watts
* Number of Zones per Sensor Cable: Up to 200
* Zone Length/Event Resolution: 25 feet
* Sensor Operating Life: 10 Years
* Operating Temperature:
* Sensor Cable: -40 to +185ºF
* Interrogation Unit: -40 to +140ºF
* Non-Operating Temperature
* Sensor Cable: -55 to +185ºF
* Interrogation Unit: -55 to +185ºF
* Optical Connector Type: FC/APC
* Cable Break Strength: 350 lbs.