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Secure Detect - STI-IF2000 Seismic

Buried Geophone Sensors

Safeguards Technology’s Geo-phonic Seismic Intrusion Detection System is placed in or on soil, asphalt or concrete to detect low-level intruder vibrations.

These signals are processed and analyzed to selectively discriminate between actual intruders and natural disturbances.

Features and Benefits

* Unaffected by temperature extremes or weather conditions such as fog, dust, rain or snow
* Geo-phonic sensors are easily installed in concrete, asphalt or dirt. Sensors are terrain-following, making seismic ideal for hilly or irregular sites
* State-of-the-art technology utilizes the latest in integrated circuit design providing long term reliability
* A buried system is difficult to locate, approach or compromise for increased security
* Discriminator geophones screen out ambient noises and vibrations to reduce nuisance alarms
* An optional audio system monitors intruder noise or movement to verify intruder presence
* Modular zoning allows expandable detection zone by adding geophones, and/or discriminator lines
* without changing the basic system
* Portable systems can protect construction sites or other areas requiring temporary security

* The system has a wireless capability and can be installed and operated with or without cable. 


The STI-IF2000 Seismic systems are ideal for protecting utilities, military sites, prisons, refineries, estates, residential, industrial sites or sensitive land areas.


Specifications: Detection resolution: ±12 meters

Operating voltage: 5 V

Operating temperature: -30ºc - +70ºc

Relative humidity: 95%

IP Rating: IP-67

UV protection