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Secure View - Intelligent Video Surveillance

Video analytics provide situational awareness and scene safety with an array of options.

The ioicam™ series from FLIR/DVTEL provides cutting edge surveillance cameras combined with ioimage™ intelligent video analytics and advanced technology of the complete ioimage intelligent video appliances™ suite to provide premium solutions that reduce deployment time and increase surveillance capabilities. The ioicam™ series is a key part of the ideal solution for modern security challenges that increases situational awareness, identification, and scene-safety.


mmp100dn ioicam

* ​3-megapixel intelligent IP camera
* Built in video analytics
* Picture-In-Picture for synchronized analytics visualization
* Electronic PTZ
* Outdoor color day/night with low light capabilities

wdc100dn ioicam

Wide dynamic range intelligent IP camera
Built in video analytics
Pixel auto-adjustment to provide clear visibility at all time
Enhanced with Pixim technology
Outdoor color day/night

xptz100dn ioicam

IP PTZ intelligent video high speed camera
Built in video analytics
Step-and-stare detection over presets
Automated hand-off between cameras
Outdoor color day/night with 18x/26x zoom