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Quality & Environmental Policy

 Safeguards Technology LLC (STL) management and employees are obliged to follow Quality & Environmental company policy as follows:

1. Safeguards Technology LLC quality policy is to develop, produce, and market products of Security Systems and provide them with adequate service and maintenance in observance of maximal response to customer needs. Company

management has decided to apply procedures and process flows at all levels to attain the company Quality & Environmental policy.

2. Safeguards Technology LLC strives to create long and standing relationships with its interested parties, customers and is keenly aware of their Quality & Environmental requirements as well as of international standard organizations.

3. Safeguards Technology LLC will maintain an updated technical database, invest in equipment and production methods and acquire innovative technical know-how to attain market leadership.

4. Safeguards Technology LLC main asset are its employees. The employee is a value in itself and it is a company obligation to express employee needs. The company is committed to support employee needs and assist them to utilize thei7r abilities to the fullest. Safeguards Technology LLC encourages its employees to play an active role in company efforts to excel and expects professionalism integrity responsibility and commitment to total product quality from them.

5. Safeguards Technology LLC is committed to maintain company culture that fosters environment preservation and safe working environment.

6. Safeguards Technology LLC is committed to an ongoing process of planning, performance monitoring and improvement in the fields of environment caring and safety management.

7. Safeguards Technology LLC is committed to safe, environment friendly, work, materials, products, and resources.

8. Safeguards Technology LLC is Abides, Establishing, applying' maintaining and continual improvement of effectiveness of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

9. Safeguards Technology LLC is Careful selecting of suppliers.

10. Safeguards Technology LLC is obliged to abide to laws, and regulations relating to its field of operations.

The company's management will ensure that the quality and Environmental policy will be understood and implemented by all employees.

____ Moshe Levy _________________________

Moshe Levy, CEO    Safeguards Technology LLC