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Secure Barrier - Palisades High Security Fence

The Palisades High Security Fence is a rugged, dependable, attractive perimeter security fence that provides an economical solution whenever privacy, property, or personal safety are at risk.

Safeguards Technology has developed a system of fencing and gate components that meet the most demanding requirements of site specifications and security. A proven configuration of premium grade, hot rolled steel pales are available in galvanized or stainless steel material.

Installation is easy. Bolted assemblies with tamper-resistant connection points throughout produce a rigid barrier of strong integrity along the full fence

Futures and Benefits

Deterrent Features

The pointed steel pales serve as a formidable obstacle. The steel pales defeat attempts at climbing, straddling, grabbing or gaining a foot hold.


The Palisades Fence provides exceptional resistance to harsh atmospheric conditions and has an expected lifetime in excess of 25 years.


The height and configuration of the Palisades can be custom made to the client’s needs.


Palisades High Security Fence is the optimal fence
solution for high security sites where attractive high
strength security fencing is required.


Pales – Construction and Specifications
* Secured to the rails at every intersection by bolting with special, classic steel anti-vandal shear bolts
* Square shaped holes to accommodate the anti-vandal shear nuts so that head does not protrude more than 0.2” (5mm). Also provides counter force to opening and tightening of nut.
* Head of pale triple pointed and splayed to afford greatest deterrent
* Hot rolled corrugated pales: 0.12” thick x 2.6” wide x 0.88” deep (from commercial quality hot rolled sheets pickled and diled suitable for galvanizing)
* Minimum deflection at 2.5kn applied load: 0.4” for a sample 24” long 

Posts – Construction and Specifications
* Standard section provided at 9.85’ center, pointed at the top
* For non-standard designs that have different centers, the fence can be custom designed to the site requirements
* Posts are embedded in concrete foundation. Depth to be determined by soil characteristics.

Main Post Dimensions:
​* Length of point: 4.8”; Length of splay: 3.6” ; Set of splay: 1.6”