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Products Overview

We supply broad range of security products including software, hardware and turn key integration solutions.

Secure Access

Controls Access of Authorized Users at Entry Points From Perimeters to Critical Assets​​​​​​​

Secure Barrier

Secure Barrier encompasses major areas of security

Secure Detect

Versatile Intrusion Detection



Secure View

Hardwired, IP-based or Wireless Surveillance with Digital Video Recording


Secure Access

Controls Access of Authorized Users at Entry Points From Perimeters to Critical Assets​​​​​​​

* Comprehensive approach to access control

* Ability to identify and control vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic​

* ​Custom reporting

* ​Individual tailoring to each site

* ​Increased employee safety

* ​Improves asset-management decisions

* ​​Effective incident response

Secure Barrier

Secure Barrier encompasses major areas of security

Incorporating one or more elements, which produce a highly integrated and scalable solution that is custom-tailored for each application


* Full range of security gates

* Highest-rated vehicular crash barriers

* Extensive range of solutions

* Designed and engineered to any specification


* Provides visual deterrence

* Aesthetically pleasing to the environment

* Ensures industry and regulatory requirement compliance

Highly versatile and easy to maintain, Welded Mesh is one of the most widely used materials in many industries including corrections, utilities, airports, transportation, distribution, port authorities and military facilities.

ClearVu™ Security Fence has been engineered as a security barrier
which disappears into its surroundings. It is an ideal solution to protect your critical assets, without distracting from the existing environment.

Palisades High Security Fence is a rugged, dependable, attractive perimeter security fence that provides an economical solution whenever privacy, property, or personal safety are at risk.

The system is designed to provide rapid deployment — 75 meters (246 ft.) to 1000 meters (3,280 ft.) of barbed tape/razor wire coils which can be deployed in seconds. Depending on which model deployment barrier is desired, trucks or humvees may be used to tow/deploy the units.

Our Retractable Bollards Systems are offered in both standard and decorative configurations. Our technical team can assist clients with the development of security systems to meet specific needs. Custom designed systems are available.

Safeguards offers Lighted, Camera, Utility and Custom-designed Bollards amongst the selection of Specialty Bollards available to suit any and all of your site security needs. All of our Specialty Bollards are manufactured with skill and experience for any application.

The barrier is constructed of multiple floating buoys that are coupled together, allowing for a free 360 degree rotation. The buoys are linked to form a barrier of any length desired to suit your specific application needs. Anchor points are established at approximately 80 ft.

The “razor blade” design makes this fence virtually impossible to climb. The pattern of the welded mesh has been designed to require an intruder to make approximately 25 separate cuts in order to penetrate through the fence.

Secure Detect

Variety of custom made security detection​​​​​​​

Versatile Intrusion Detection


* Detection for specific zones

* System reduces false alarms

* Adaptive to hostile environments

* Installable on existing barriers

* Compatible with fences, walls, underground and marine locations

* Network ready

* Open architecture with plug-and-play capability


* Rapid notification and threat isolation

* Fills security gaps

* Improves security of existing barriers

* Provides flexible installation options

Screening employees, visitors, passengers and customers for elevated body temperature is an essential method of minimizing the risks posed by symptomatic individuals who are potential carriers of COVID-19

The ATS-3000 Taut Wire Intrusion Detection System is the leading perimeter protection solution currently available. Taut wire is applied to a wire fence in various configurations. The horizontal taut wires are fixed to the sensors that are mounted in a sensor post in the center of the zone. The sensors are high-voltage insulated. Sensor management and environmental compensation is managed by individual microprocessors.

The STI Series of Taut Wire Intrusion Detection Systems is based on the traditional concept that revolutionized the perimeter security market by combining a true physical barrier with highly reliable intrusion detection in one cost-effective solution

The DualSense® sensor measures the kinetic energy released within a structure when it is disturbed and signals an alarm event when certain parameters are exceeded. This sensor can be used either as a stand-alone warning device or as part of a larger system when networked through a custom designed control unit.

FiberDefense™ Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System is now available for any facility that strives to improve perimeter security and to provide continuous, 24-hour monitoring for the protection of lives and property.

The PointShield™ underwater zone security system is lightweight, mobile, sonar diver detection with a unique modular design that enables tailoring of the system to customer requirements and site specific geography.

The Photon Infrared Intrusion Detection System is called “The Great Small Barrier” for good reason. Each tower can provide over 150 feet of intrusion detection coverage – while physically measuring just over an inch wide. Unlike conventional systems, the Photon Infrared Barrier System can be set-up in minutes, thanks to the convenient test unit and user friendly features of the barriers.

Safeguard’s completely wireless, environmentally friendly, solar-powered Animal Detection System can detect bear, moose, elk, deer, mountain lion and any other animal you’d rather not meet with your vehicle.

The STI-103 Geo-phonic Seismic Intrusion Detection System is placed in or on soil, asphalt or concrete to detect low-level intruder vibrations. These signals are processed and analyzed to selectively discriminate between actual intruders and natural disturbances.

Absolute IR/MW Dual Technology Intrusion Detection System utilizes both Infrared and Microwave technologies working together and enclosed inside an extruded aluminum column. The system provides for maximum reliability of intruder detection with minimum false alarms. Absolute columns can be custom designed to any height and component array suiting each security situation.

The STI-390B is a system designed to detect attempted intrusion through a perimeter fence. The vibration sensors fasten to the fence fabric and detect vibrations caused by climbing the fence or by cutting through it.


Safeguards Technology’s Command and Control Center (CCC) is a security control system that processes data from various intrusion detection systems.

Designed with a single purpose in mind – superior performance – the AquaShield™ is the most advanced and capable underwater site security system available.

Secure View

Hardwired, IP-based or Wireless Surveillance

with Digital Video Recording