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Secure Barrier - Rapid Deployment Barrier

The system is designed to provide rapid deployment — 75 meters (246 ft.) to 1000 meters (3,280 ft.) of barbed tape/razor wire coils which can be deployed in seconds.

Depending on which model deployment barrier is desired, trucks or humvees may be used to tow/deploy the units.

Futures and Benefits

Barriers are fully recoverable and reusable. Equipment is supplied to upload and recompress the barrier into modules – simple to handle and compact to store. A single carrier unit can be quickly refilled to drop many miles of barrier in a short period of time.

* Semi-manual or automatic motorized collector
* Standard trailers or Load Lifter Style (with forklift)
* Standard or Humvee tires
* Customized paint to fit any requirements
* Three or six coil deployment
* Unit size varies upon model selectionText...


Applications include crowd control and riot prevention,
prisoner short term detention, site security, augmented
fence perimeter security, and quick site security protection.



* Deploys 75-300 meters (246–984 feet) in 20-30 seconds
* Refillable
* Approximate weight of trailer excluding barrier: 5,291 lbs. empty; 9,259 lbs. loaded
* Rapid Barrier Modules: Trailer capacity is four modules. Each module is 75 meters (246 feet) long and weighs 992 lbs.
* Barrier collects with reversing/manual operation which is assisted with the electric collector wheel
* Electric winch barrier compactor supplied
* Shipping: Trailers shipped (in knockdown condition) plus 300 meters (984 feet); barrier in 20 foot container.

*HD-300 specifications are presented here for conceptual understanding only. Each model varies in size and capabilities. Each Rapid Deployment Barrier System can be customized to meet the customer’s requirements.