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Secure Detect - Perimeter Control Center

Safeguards Technology’s Perimeter Control Center (PCC) is a security control system that processes data from various intrusion detection systems. After processing the data, the control center displays the information on a graphic display monitor.

In addition to displaying the data, the center sounds alarms, issues messages, and displays alarm reports. The PCC is an advanced on-line tool consisting of a real-time software package installed on an IBM or compatible industrial computer.

Features and Benefits

One PCC can monitor unlimited reporting units, each of which can handle up to 7 inputs. Each center can also output up to 6 commands, such as intrusion alarms, floodlights, sirens, CCTV, etc. Approximate onscreen instructions alert the control center operator to a change in status.

One or more PCC’s can be linked by standard modem and telephone lines to a host computer, which can display global system data (graphics and text). The control center can also be controlled by a host computer which can process data input from a number of systems. This arrangement may be useful in cases where large areas must be covered by alarm systems and a single computer would be practical. It’s configuration for a particular site is designed and constructed to the site layout and security requirements. The configuration of hardware and software cannot be changed by system operators. However, data concerning security personnel may be entered into the computer and changed if necessary.


The Safeguards PCC is fully customizable to suit your needs.
It can interface with our various Perimeter Intrusion Detection
Systems as well as be integrated into your existing system.


Hardware Requirements
* Industrial Grade Computer: Pentium 3 or higher
* Memory: 650k bytes of RAM and 20m bytes of hard disk storage
* Display: Enhanced graphic color display unit and adaptor
* System Interface: Special Safeguards system interface with communications and lightning protection
* Keyboard: Special rugged, numeric-function keypad 
(supplied by Safeguards)


The Control Center has a built-in ongoing automatic self-test (BIT) plus manual system integrity checks for maintaining optimal operations.Unauthorized tampering is prevented by compelling the user to go through the LOGON hierarchical personnel operations procedures immediately on startup.


The Control Center database logs and prints all events. The data can be manipulated to produce hard-copy reports covering events as far back as twelve months.


A high resolution graphic color display of the protected area is shown on the screen immediately following log-in. In the event of an alarm, the display automatically zooms in on the area in question. A higher level of zooming for greater detail is available on request. There are three different levels for clarity of information. All displays include graphics and/or text in color. Displays are specially tailored for each site according to customer specifications.