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Secure Detect - Photon Advanced Infrared System

The Photon Infrared Intrusion Detection System is called “The Great Small Barrier” for good reason.

Each tower can provide over 150 feet of intrusion detection coverage – while physically measuring just over an inch wide. Unlike conventional systems, the Photon Infrared Barrier System can be set-up in minutes, thanks to the convenient test unit and user friendly features of the barriers.

There isn’t a more reliable, discrete, effective barrier system on the market.


Features and Benefits

* Minimal false alarms
* Eliminate sun light problems associated infrared systems
* Minimal power usage
* Extremely quick installation
* Multiple Applications - several barrier models available
* Technology that runs on two wires
* Manage and analyze data remotely


Flexible installation options. A metallic case covered by a polycarbonate box and an IP65 weatherproof level give the PHOTON a robust exterior and prevents damage from atmospheric agents. The elegant design and undersized dimensions make it ideal for installation in places where it is important to obtain visual descretion.


* Distance between beams: 9.8 inch
* Intensity reduction for alarm:
    80% for 500ms (one beam only)
    80% for 100ms (two beams or more)
* Intensity reduction for disqualify: 50% for 10 seconds
* Radiant wavelength: 950 nm
* Max. radiant power: 3000mW/sterad for single ray
* Pressure compensation: 2 CORTEX membrane vents
* Tampers 2 anti-opening+anti-removal
* Signaling: 2 LED (alarm and tamper)
* Horizontal directional adjustment: 

    Stepless variable+/-9Q axial rotation
* Power supply: 9-16 VDC(100 mA max.)
* Outputs:

    Full Duplex RS 485
* Operating temperature: 

    Options range from -40 degrees F