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Secure Detect - PointShield™

The PointShield™ underwater zone security system is lightweight, mobile, sonar diver detection with a unique modular design that enables tailoring of the system to customer requirements and site specific geography.

This new, tough but light, diver detection system offers detection for even the most stealthy of targets, and can easily handle hundreds of targets simultaneously. PointShield™ offers a fully automatic mode of operation, very low maintenance requirements and high system reliability.

Features and Benefits

• Underwater unit is small, light-weight, and portable
• Simple to install and rapidly deployable
• Ideal for permanent or temporary installation
• Accurate detection at ranges up to 500 meters
• Tailored to detect threats of any size and target strength
• Can handle more than 1,000 contacts simultaneously
• Enables the investigation of targets using a zoom display
• Windows-based software with intuitive displays and menus
• Highly accurate positioning of threat
• Rapid update rate of tactical picture
• Continuous operation, in all climatic and water conditions
• The system is completely automatic
• No need for a full-time operator
• Very little maintenance required
• Easy to clean underwater or, alternatively, easy to remove from the water for cleaning
• System includes a Built-in-Test (BIT) function
• Multiple units can run simultaneously
• Open software architecture supports easy integration with any sensor
• Can be integrated into existing systems and control centers
• Sensors available in different coverage configurations: 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360°


PointShield™ guards designated zones against underwater intrusion:

• Water intake areas 
• Access points
• Nuclear Power plants 
• Commercial ports

• Energy terminals 
• Offshore rigs
• Naval & Marine bases
• Maritime vessels

Ideal installation options:

• Piers
• Mooring Pile

• Tripod
• Mobile


• Weight and dimensions of Underwater unit: 
    Diameter: 0.3m, 
    Height: 0.5m, 
    Weight: 11-18 Kg
• Output: beam data
• Interface and integration: LAN, TCP/IP
• Display format: Sonar data, overlay & tactical picture
• Recording & playback: Enabled
• Detection range: up to 500m

Transmit/reception parameters:
• Source Level: 200 dB re 1μPa @ 1 meter
• Frequency: 120 KHz
• Transmission Modes: Pulse CW
• Pulse Width: 30 – 1800 μsec
• Range Accuracy: 0.2% of operating range
• Bearing Accuracy: 0.5°
• Vertical transmit & receive beam-width: 20º
• Vertical transmit DI: 10dB
• Horizontal receive DI: 12dB
• Horizontal receive beam width: 3° effective
• Range scale: Operator selectable